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At Essence Skin & Hair we strive to give you an exceptional service. Our team aim to de-stress, balance and re-new your skin, body and hair. We provide an intimate personalised experience for you with ultimate luxury.

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Our Skin Care

Essence Skin and Hair are proud suppliers of SkinFaktor by Dermia Solutions. SkinFaktor is a professional delivery system used to amplify the results achieved in every clinical treatment and home care. Skin factor works with medical efficiency through non-invasive micro-activation. It’s patented technology combined with sophisticated ingredients are designed for a new direction in non-surgical skin revision and rejuvenation.

Our Hair Care Professional

We are a proud stockist of O&M.

The world of hair is changing, and low-chemical and natural technology is leading the way.

O&M’s mission is to provide the cleanest professional colour in the world which has led them to a progressive new colouring approach. Molecular Blend Technology (MBT) which pre-links colour pigments that are supported by two nourishing hero complexes giving incredible vibrancy, shine, longevity and protection to coloured hair. They call it O&M CØR.color. And of course – as the name suggests – it stays true to our core promise: zero ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.

Our Hair Care Retail

Theorie’s mission is to improve your hair experience. They create extraordinary formulas, tools and hair care collections using the most powerful combination of nature and technology. They are committed to bringing you the complete hair package:

The display-worthy products. The luxurious lathers. Quality ingredients that marry botanicals with the best of lab formulated. High-end technology and effective formulas with end results that make you sparkle.